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The Indonesian Aikikai Foundation is holding a seminar on 18th and 19th of October, this year

To celebrate the foundation's anniversary, they have invited Tsuboi Shihan, Toriumi Shihan, Kubota Shihan and Hironobu Yamada Shihan as guest instructors

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Gasshuku 2001 - Ciloto

The Gasshuku 2001 is held at the renowned Judo Dojo in Ciloto, with 95 participants and over 50 examinees

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Gasshuku Sessions

bukannya latihan....malah ngobrol  Wil, minggir dong, gede amat sih  

Extra Time and Lunch Breaks
  berdoa sebelum ujian 

Hajime!    Tunggu aba aba

Foto Dojo UPH  Para Penunggu Dojo Ciloto  Semua anggota dojo sensei hakim


Haiyaa, sorry foto-fotonya waktu ujian agak buram, soalnya yang foto si Justine, maklum masih amatiran


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