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The Indonesian Aikikai Foundation is holding a seminar on 18th and 19th of October, this year

To celebrate the foundation's anniversary, they have invited Tsuboi Shihan, Toriumi Shihan, Kubota Shihan and Hironobu Yamada Shihan as guest instructors

By the way, due to popular demand Power Aikido now offers Aikido or other martial art VCDs, for Indonesian residents only. Email us here for more information

Sorry ya, kalo pake bahasa indo susah dijelasinnya

The world is short on heroes.

And that's why Anime is so important if we are ever to survive aliens, monsters, tentacle-demons, and sword-wielding assholes in the future. Not only is Anime an entertainment medium, but it is a very positive influence on today's youth! I dare say that public schooling would be much better if they taught Anime as a course subject. Why? Glad you asked!
Everything you need to live a true, just and wonderful life is taught in Anime. For example:

Respect life. (zombies and ghosts are a pain in the ass to kill)
Eat right. (otherwise you turn green and throw up)
Respect your elders. (they will almost always know some martial art of magic that will come in handy later on)
Don't play with guns. (Swords always win)
Experience life! (Gradeschool students often go on quests that span half the globe...if not galaxy)
Nice Guys don't finish last. (he will usually end up with 4 or more females chasing after him, and will often walk into the bathroom when he's having a shower, or give him generous panty-shots)
Show proper respect to Deities. (or they'll send giant monsters after you that will require giant purple robots to stop their rampage)
Enjoy the Arts! (Evil can always be defeated by someone who sings or draws)
Don't fear or hate things that are strange to you. (chances are they have special powers to help you)
And, most importantly: Love. (Love can single-handedly defeat armadas of star-ships, a thousand evil robots, gigantic dark demigods, and ninjas of several varieties)

Of course, these are just some of the many important lessons you learn from being a practitioner of the Anime-Arts. Above all, however, Anime instils a sense of hope and joy in our generation that grew up fearing everything, and with very little to look forward to besides a 9-to-5 job in a cubical somewhere. It has inspired so many of us to become writers and and martial-artists...and even the occasional superhero.
In a world where heroes are few and far between...and often overlooked...Anime brings them into the limelight. Shows the world the true Forces of Good, and how we can each fight Evil in our own way.

And so, as the year 2000 ends this month, I can see no better tribute to the last millennium than to thank a few of the heroes in Anime that have made my life a better one...and perhaps helped me become a bit better person.

Studio Pierrot - Situs pengarang GTO, Power Stone dan Flame of Recca


Anime International - Situs pembuat Ah! My Goddess, DUAL dan Sol Bianca

Gundam Project - Situs Gundam terlengkap sedunia

Gonzo - Situs pembuat Vandread, Gatekeeper dan Blue Submarine 6

Sunrise - Situs pembuat Cowboy Bebop dan Inu Yasha



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