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What is Aikido ?

Some people would say, its a martial art, the one used by Steven Seagal

Others would say its a martial art that teaches you to use an opponent's strength to defeat him / her

And still more would say, its a martial art involving pins and throws

They're all true, but Aikido is mainly a way to harmonize things, your mind, your spirit, your surroundings, including your opponent or enemy in the street

Sounds strange? Don't worry, just learn aikido a few years and you'll understand

Where can I learn Aikido ?

Look around your city, or ask around. Aikido is a quiet martial art that is thriving everywhere nowadays, or you can check sites in the links page for International Dojo Directory

How much will it cost ?

Each dojo has different fee, depending on their location. Try watching the training session first before deciding to join

Where can I get bokkens, tanto, etc etc ?

Gee... If you're a beginner, don't bother. It's not necessary

But If you're not, and you're having trouble finding them, ask your sensei, or have a carpenter made one ( The ones sold at stores are VERY Expensive )

Here in Indonesia you can get good quality ( yet cheap ) bokkens from Jepara

Where can I find Aikido Books ?

Hmm... I think most japanese bookstores has them ( Kinokuuniya, Maruzen, etc, etc ) or you can buy them online

Still have questions?

Contact me at ICQ 23344526 or email me

What Hakama Color is for female ? Is there any difference ?

I know of 2 colors that hakama can be:Blue and white.
Are there other hakama colors, if so what colors?
Are white or other color hakamas only for male or female?

There is no gender difference in Hakama colors. Although more women maybe wearing white ones, men can wear them, too. Members of the police at the Japanese Palace customarily wore white Kendo Gi and Hakama. It is said that it forces one to make sure they are clean and sanitary. In general, indigo (blue) cotton Hakama are considered to be more formal. In Iai-do and Aikido, often black Hakama is seen. Polyester ones are easier to take care of, and they come in black, blue, white, but they are less formal (ie, high ranking Kenshi would not wear them especially in Dan exam or major Shiai). I have seen other colors (eg, purple) but they are very rare in Kendo Keiko. The formal Hakama (eg, Sendai Bira) used in Kata or other Enbu may be gray, gold, brown










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