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Kubota Shihan Seminar 2002

One of the most amazing seminars i've ever participated in. Kubota Shihan's style is energic, humorous and yet completely efficient. I guess dynamites did come in small packages

UPH Aikido Exam 1998

This is the first time UPH hosted an examination inviting students from several other dojos

UPH Aikido Demo 2000

This is from a demonstration during UPH's PORSENI, which went pretty bad because of the heat

Cempaka Putih Aikido Exam

March 2001 - No longer available
March 2002

Students from UPH and PIK took an exam at the Cempaka Putih Dojo

Muara Karang Aikido Jokers 2001
Members Only
- Initiation
- Sensei's Birthday
- Casual Photos

Women in Aikido

Photos taken from all over the net

Gasshuku Ciloto October 2001

Photos from the Gasshuku, as well as the examination photos

Gasshuku Bogor November 2002

Photos from the Gasshuku, as well as the examination photos

Sandan Exam in Hilton Hotel's Executive Club

Photos from the exam, with shihan Koichi Toriuni ( 7th Dan ) and Shidoin Eiji Katsui

Kalau ada yang memiliki foto event - event, sumbangannya sangat diharapkan

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Latest Gallery Addition:
Gasshuku Bogor 2002


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