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Aikido Sites
Aikido webmasters from Indonesia can contact me to trade links
Indonesian Sites
Aikido Bandung Dojo The site for Bandung's oldest Dojo, has information on their dojo, aikido and an explanation on Aikido
KBAI Situs Keluarga Besar Aikido Indonesia
Dojo Jakarta Aikikai
Aiki Wago Promoting friendship between different aikido practice
Try this article-indonesia's aikido history
Dojo Janti Sho Hei Kan A dojo from Jogjakarta
Seigi Dojo Medan A dojo from Medan
Aikido Solo A dojo from Solo
Rin Sui Kan A dojo from Semarang
IBII IBII university Dojo
Binus Dojo Bina Nusantara University Dojo
Lebak Bulus Aikido Dojo  
International Sites
YoavRosenthal This is an aikido site in Israel, has an enormous number of video links

Other martial art sites
"We can learn from anyone, there is no useless information"
-Hakim Sensei-

Jubei's Martial Arts Video Links

Any more suggestions?

Personal Links
Miscellaneous Sites








Latest Gallery Addition:
Gasshuku Bogor 2002


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