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The Indonesian Aikikai Foundation is holding a seminar on 18th and 19th of October, this year

To celebrate the foundation's anniversary, they have invited Tsuboi Shihan, Toriumi Shihan, Kubota Shihan and Hironobu Yamada Shihan as guest instructors

By the way, due to popular demand Power Aikido now offers Aikido or other martial art VCDs, for Indonesian residents only. Email us here for more information

Negative effects of Aikido

by Webmaster - 20. Aug, 2000

Did you know?

An Aikidoka tends to became very distrustful of other humans the longer he/she spent time at the dojo

They will began to:

Imagine ways to strangle, lock or atemi people who moved their arms too often

Became allergic to physical contacts such as grabs, hugs and holds

Maintaining maai (safe distance of 1.5 metres) with their speaking partners

Kamae-ing when approaching or being approached by several persons

Pivoting their entire body around ( tenkan )when being called instead of turning their head

Deliberately walk alone aimlessly in unfriendly neighbourhood

Throw people over their shoulder instead of lifting them up when changing a light bulb



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