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Hello ! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all !! Selamat hari raya lebaran untuk yang merayakannya !

For the people who had some dificulties to access the guestbook, everything is ok now

Ketupat Lebaran 2 567 Kb
Ketupat Lebaran 3 548 Kb
Ryotedori Kokyunage
533 Kb
SanninGake Jiyuwaza 585 Kb
Katatedori Kokyunage 252 Kb
Ini apa aja ya? 233 Kb
December 20th 2001

Videos are online now! Check out the Downloads Section. We've got 6 of them, but more are coming

Mawashi Iriminage (plus) 406 Kb
Zagi Kokyu Ho 486 Kb
Sankyo Nage 241 Kb
Tembin Nage Henka Waza 333 Kb
Ketupat Lebaran 533 Kb
Bloopers 414 Kb - requested by Wilis *_*
Ryotedori Kokyunage 268 Kb

Did anyone realize that you can add your own aiki words? just click on the Aiki Words and add them
Warning! Any stupid addition will be deleted

December 8th 2001

Hi all, i've added several things. I'm sure you all noticed the aiki words in the entrance. I've also added a poll in the guestbook section and changed the appearance of the guestbook.
Next week: Dojo Member Section

November 21st 2001

This site finally passed 2000 hits! And it's also listed first on every major search engine, such as Google, Yahoo and Lycos. Try searching for "Power Aikido" there!!
Because i'm feeling really nice today, a very valuable update!! Sensei Hakim's leisure photos!!! and 3 new wallpapers

Don't forget to take this quiz!!!!!

November 15th 2001

MEGA Update!!!
Gasshuku 2001 Photos 1 & 2 in Ciloto is now available, thx to Marissa :-), Sensei's Birthday Photos have arrived from Atmadjaya, thx to Emilia
Photos of the new Brown Belt at the Mediterania Dojo, Congratulations to Irwan, Yohannes and Marico

November 11th 2001

Do you know the difference between bokken and jo? For those who doesn't, visit the weapon section ( More weapon reviews to come ). The Photos from Gasshuku will be up in about a week, i'll just have to sort them first

Did anyone out there know any GI factories in Jakarta? Please contact me!

October 14th 2001

More Sections added

The Anime, My Hobby and Music Sections are now ready, and they are mostly covering topics of my interest

The Dojo Listing is completed

October 4th 2001

Dojo Listings Completed
I've listed almost EVERY aikido dojos in Indonesia

August 4th 2001

A new look!!!

No Frames, no more problems

July 24th 2001

New Photos from Muara Karang's last photo session !!!!

By the way ! Irwan has created a channel at Dalnet, Join and chat every night at #aiki

May 27th 2001

Added photos from the Cempaka Putih March Exam, and a new look for the website

I've added the jokes section because I don't like laughing alone, people might misunderstood

The "Tech Stuff" section is to make it easier for me to answer questions

May 15th 2001

Added photos from the latest demo in UPH, plus 3 new wallpapers ! Download them here !

February 10th 2001

Year 2002 News

Year 2001 News

Year 2000 News










Latest Gallery Addition:
Gasshuku Bogor 2002

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