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The Indonesian Aikikai Foundation is holding a seminar on 18th and 19th of October, this year

To celebrate the foundation's anniversary, they have invited Tsuboi Shihan, Toriumi Shihan, Kubota Shihan and Hironobu Yamada Shihan as guest instructors

By the way, due to popular demand Power Aikido now offers Aikido or other martial art VCDs, for Indonesian residents only. Email us here for more information

'Mohon maaf lahir batin' Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Best wishes on everyone!!!

I'm testing the new chatroom. Thanks to Bravenet for providing it for free

December 1st 2002

An advanced class will be held at one o'clock every sunday for brown belts and yudanshas by sensei hakim at the Mediterrania Dojo

We're having some problems with photos of the Gasshuku because of the huge amount of photos. I think I need some help with this site. HELP!

November 26th 2002

The 2002 Gasshuku is an enjoyable experience, especially because of the variety of dojos participating in the event. There's even guests from Singapore ( Bernie sensei ) and Yogyakarta

^_^Thanks to info from a certain mr xxx from KBAI, i've updated the Tanjung Duren, BINUS and UNTAR dojo information

We look forward to similar cooperation from everyone!

November 4th 2002

VCDs of the aikido seminar is under production, and will be sold to the general aikido society. This is one seminar vcd you should never miss!! It's not as good as attending it, but it's better than never watching it.

Photos and videoclips is now up and available!!

September 30th 2002

Kubota Shihan, 7th Dan will be holding a seminar in Indonesia, on the September 8th, 2002 - don't miss it!

The entrance fee is Rp 50.000 and the event will take place at the BBD building, Jl. Imam Bonjol, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

for more information please click here

August 19th 2002

The greatest P2P music sharing network, Audiogalaxy has been shut down!!! BOO HOO!! T_T

But there's a replacement!! New communities are founded at several other networks. Join Kazaa, Direct Connect or Blubster to create the next Audiogalaxy

The photos are still not up yet, because SOMEONE still hasn't given it to me.

For those of you who emailed me for Aikido Multimedia CDs, please re-send your inquiries and I'll respond as soon as I can - my email was deleted accidentally

The Indonesia Dojo Index has been updated - 3 new dojos from Yogyakarta added

August 1st 2002

The July Aikido examination is held today at the Jakarta Aikikai Headquarters, with over 70 participants from dojos throughout Jakarta

Everyone passed, even when the exam is held with a VERY high standard. Sensei Josef Poetiray, Sensei Imanul Hakim, and sensei Nugie are the current examiners

After the exam a training session is held for all attending dojos, with a guest teacher from Singapore - a rumored military Aikido Sensei for the India Military

Photos will be up soon in 2 or 3 days!

July 14th 2002

I agree with Sensei Henry Ellis' view on traditional aikido training, except maybe the part about the push-ups :(
For those of you who haven't read it, click here

One of the reason people followed Morihei Ueshiba is because Aikido is such a powerful martial art. The aikido practitioners of old trained like a real samurai, resulting in people like Gozo Shioda, Tadashi Abe and Yokota

People who held Dan ranks are supposed to be truly warriors with dedication for the martial art, while pretenders practicing "butterfly" aikido should never be allowed to take yudansha exams

All the pictures from Cilegon are up now, please email me or fill the guestbook for any mistakes or broken links

thx to Hendry for the pictures! ^_^

July 8th 2002

Untuk Pak Yoyo, dan semua yang sudah mau ujian, ini ada daftar teknik ujian untuk semua kyu

Hei semuanya! ini ada foto yang tidak boleh diclick ya! ingat! tidak boleh diclick! karena saya sebagai dojo cho disini akan marah apabila anda mengclick foto ini! Hukuman bagi yang mengclick foto ini sangat berat lho!

The Votes are IN! After 3 months, the poll results are below; Bruce Lee vs Steven Seagal? hmm... what a concept

From these eight fighter, who will win in the UFC?

Gozo Shioda 5 (10%)
Steven Seagal 11 (22%)
Jet Lee 0 (0%)
Chuck Norris 0 (0%)
Lam Ting 9 (18%)
Sokaku Takeda 4 (8%)
Bruce Lee 11 (22%)
Lie Syo Bun 9 (18%)

By the way, i'm testing a new photo gallery

June 29th 2002

A new article Women in Martial Arts, from Sensei Henry's site in England - Check out the other articles too, seems like every Aikido Organization in the world has their share of problems and politics


Over 20+ new photos from the Anyer Beach Resort

June 26th 2002

The Cilegon Dojo is officially established by the Indonesian Aikikai Foundation's Chairman Sensei Josef Poetiray


The event is celebrated with an outdoor training session at Anyer Beach Resort - 7 new photos

June 19th 2002

12 new photos from the Cempaka Putih Exam....again
- Contributed by Wilis

This website has passed 5000 hits! I'm guessing that 4000 of them are coming for the guestbook.....

Did anyone want an Aikido Videoclip CD OR VCD? email me for information and prices.

June 9th 2002

Is anyone watching UFC and PRIDE? I know I did! Too bad no Aikido Shihan ever participates.....
O'sensei or Sokaku sensei will probably take all the titles

Try for UFC information, or for PRIDE fighting information, as well as videoclips

May 6th 2002
10 new photos from Cempaka Putih Exam!
- Contributed by Marisa
April 20th 2002

9 New Photos from the latest Sandan Exam

Did anyone want to play online GO? the japanese chess is quite addictive!
Download the program at, then register here

New Article! Why Study Aikido?

March 13th 2002

These are thumbnails of our latest t-shirt design


Also check this out! A history of deaths during aikido practice in japan - do not underestimate aikido

March 1th 2002

The biggest flood in Indonesian History has kept me imprisoned for 12 days without electricity! Photos of the flood is available in the gallery
By the way, this website has over 4000 hits!

February 7th 2002

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