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Since the files are pretty heavy, it would be a good idea to use Download Softwares to download these multimedia clips

Search for them at Download.Com, Tucows.Com or Nortonweb.Com

Most of the files listed here are links, and are the property of their respective owners and the online aiki community


Aikido Video Clips - AVI, MPG, & MOV
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AVI Format
Mediterania Aikido Dojo

Mawashi Iriminage (plus) 406 Kb
Zagi Kokyu Ho 486 Kb
Sankyo Nage
241 Kb
Tembin Nage Henka Waza
333 Kb
Ketupat Lebaran
533 Kb
Ketupat Lebaran 2
567 Kb
Ketupat Lebaran 3
548 Kb
414 Kb - my favourite -
Ryotedori Kokyunage 268 Kb
Ryotedori Kokyunage
533 Kb
SanninGake Jiyuwaza 585 Kb
Katatedori Kokyunage
252 Kb
Ini gua bingung nih
233 Kb

Here are links that will take you directly to aikido multimedia pages at major sites, the formats are Mov
( Quicktime Movies ) , Avi, or Mpeg

AikidoFAQ.Com - Multimedia files
AikiWeb.Com - Multimedia files
Traditional Aikido of Sonoma - Multimedia files
AikidoYoshinkan.Co.UK - Multimedia files
Hollenders.Com - Multimedia files
(USA) John Murray's Aikido Stuff - Multimedia files
(USA) Jikishinkan Dojo - Multimedia files
Anchored Clouds.Com - Multimedia files
Aikido of San Antonio - Multimedia files
Ki Aikido - Multimedia files
Shohei Juku Aikido - Multimedia files
(Israel) Seidokan Aikido - Multimedia files
(Dutch) Aikidocentrum Utrecht - Multimedia files
(France) de Thionville Dojo - Multimedia files
USSR - Multimedia files
Simon Deering - Multimedia files

Aikido Verein Hannover - Multimedia Links
Planet Jubei - Multimedia Links


Program Downloads

To view and download the movies, you will need several applications

Xing MPEG Player for .MPG extensions

Quicktime Player for .MOV extensions

Media Player 7 ( for Windows ME or 2000 only)

Did you know you can use Winamp to watch movies ? Get the plug-in here ! Search for "Video"

To view pictures, use the latest ACDSee

I'd recommend FlashGet as a download manager, a very intuitive program

For better movie quality, downloa the DIVX Codec

Aiki Wallpapers
Right Click and Choose "Save as.."

Power Aikido

Size : 18,4 Kbytes, GIF Format, 1024 x 768 pixels

Someone's complaining the logo is covered by the taskbar, So here's an update

Power Aikido

Size : 50 Kbytes, GIF Format, 1152 x 864 pixels

UPH's T-shirt logo, with O'sensei's most important rule

Power Aikido

Size : 40 Kbytes, GIF Format, 1024 x 768 pixels

A wallpaper, with ikkyo illustration, and quotes from "the purpose of aikido"

Power Aikido

Size : 40 Kbytes, GIF Format, 1024 x 768 pixels

A wallpaper with illustration from our next t-shirt design

Power Aikido

Size : 40 Kbytes, GIF Format, 1024 x 768 pixels

A wallpaper with illustration from our next t-shirt design

1024x768 pixels
1024x768 pixels
Mediterania Wallpaper
1024x768 pixels
Yo ! Any suggestion for my next wallpaper ? Questions ? Email me










Latest Gallery Addition:
Gasshuku Bogor 2002


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