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Before enrolling in the said programs you might want to consider downloading Gator ,A Program that will automatically fill forms, (you will be filling a LOT of forms, believe me!),this will ease your enrolling routine

Always safe all important infos ( user id, passwords and referral links ) in text files, and put them somewhere safe ( desktops, my documents )

Use the same password and user id for ALL the programs, but make it very difficult to guess or steal ( ex; 92870x21 or something like that ) and keep it somewhere safe


Try enrolling in all the email and visit programs, since they are the least cumbersome, check the maximum number of topics to speed up your email rate

Enroll in just several surfing programs, because they require your downloading annoying surf-bars that will be filling the computer screen and disturb your browser. I'd recommend SurfBar and Spedia first

Save all important emails sent by the programs in the same way

Questions? My ICQ number is 23344526