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The Kubota Shihan seminar has been a success, mainly due to the unusually low participation fee.

Photos of the seminar are being prepared.

Remember to ask for your participation certificate everyone!


Cempaka Putih Aikido Exam - March 2001

The Cempaka Putih Dojo is originally a Judo dojo, with an elevated tatami, and spectator's seat all around it
Unusually, on this exam the highest kyu are tested first, while the 6th kyu students ( numbering 80 or so )are tested last.
The organizer did not seem to test the lower kyu seriously, because during the 6th kyu test, all 80 persons are called to the tatami simultaneously ( Royal Rumble )

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The tests
Before announcing the results, the organizer made a long speech on the mistakes found during the tests
After the test

Banjir in Jakarta
Gasshuku Ciloto 2001
Cempaka Putih Aikido Exam 2001
Cempaka Putih Aikido Exam 2002
Mediterania - Brown Belt Initiation
Muara Karang Gallery 2001
Sensei's Birthday
Sensei's Sandan Exam
Sensei Leisure Photo

UPH Aikido Demo 2000
UPH Aikido Exam 2001

These photos are submitted by Renny
THX loh Ren !!


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