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The Indonesian Aikikai Foundation is holding a seminar on 18th and 19th of October, this year

To celebrate the foundation's anniversary, they have invited Tsuboi Shihan, Toriumi Shihan, Kubota Shihan and Hironobu Yamada Shihan as guest instructors

By the way, due to popular demand Power Aikido now offers Aikido or other martial art VCDs, for Indonesian residents only. Email us here for more information

Mediterranean Family Club Dojo

Trainer : Hakim Sensei, 2nd Dan

Was started in 1998, and now numbered 30 students or so, but the unusual thing about this dojo is that some members can only train on Fridays, while others only on Sundays

The members listed on the bottom are the ones training on both

The dojo has wooden floors, 20 + 5 mattresses, glass walls (!?!?), because it's also an aerobic class

2 hour Session every Friday and Sunday

Friday : 18:00 - 20:00
Sunday : 16:00 - 18:00

Weapon training every Sunday ( Members please bring your own )

Open for general public, ages 12 and above

Dojo Pictures

Cempaka Putih Aikido Exam, March 11th 2001

Leisure Photos

Cempaka Putih Aikido Exam

Gasshuku Bogor Exam, November 2002

Current Active Members ( arranged by belt )

Kyu 1

Wilis - Homeless
Maresa - Muara Karang
Samuel - Muara Karang
Irwan - Muara Karang
Marico - Pantai Mutiara

Kyu 2 Sunarto - Muara Karang

Kyu 3

Ellis - Muara Karang
Christopher - Muara Karang
Jemmy - Muara Karang
Budi - Muara Karang
Zulkifran - Muara Karang
Hugo - Muara Karang
Hartanto - Pantai Mutiara

Kyu 4

Marissa - Pantai Mutiara
Meillisa - Muara Karang
Pak Djodi

Kyu 5

Davin - Pluit atau TA?
Carla, Ella dan Yurika - Jembatan Tiga?
Feri, saudaranya ubi
Ara ?

Newcomers ( Kyu 6 )

Temennya Feri
2 bapak2

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