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The Indonesian Aikikai Foundation is holding a seminar on 18th and 19th of October, this year

To celebrate the foundation's anniversary, they have invited Tsuboi Shihan, Toriumi Shihan, Kubota Shihan and Hironobu Yamada Shihan as guest instructors

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Aikido Terms

by Webmaster - Sept 14th 2000

The following are some terms used in Aikido

Kamae - Basic ready stance in Aikido
Shomen - Overhead vertical Strike

Yokomen - Diagonal neck strike

Tsuki - Stab

Kaiten - Body movement, step forward, then pivot 180degrees

Tenkan - Body movement, pivoting 180degrees


Chusin Ryoku or Chujin Ryoku - Center Line, or placing all your concentration / weight in a straight vertical line from your head, torso, and feet



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